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Caroni Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl 6 sizes

Caroni Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl 6 sizesProduct Code: KI-CO-3672

  • 45,000LBP
Availability In stock

  • A convenient stacking property provides you with unbeatable ease so you can easily store your 6 mixing bowls in one safe place
  • Bowl sizes are:22 cm / 24 cm / 26 cm / 28 cm / 30 cm / 32 cm and they each fit perfectly within one another for simplicity and space saving in your kitchen.
  • Made from premium materials, our durable bowls will last you a lifetime! these bowls are easy to handle and will always be ready. Unlike wood or plastic, non-porous body ensures odors won’t stick and prevents build-up.
  • DESIGNED TO MAKE BAKING A BREEZE: Whether you’re baking a cake or tossing a salad, our bowls are crafted to do the best job at mixing and serving! A flat base is great so you get an even, stabilized mixture and a wide rim makes pouring and distributing contents extremely easy.
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