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Ip Camera Security Lamp V360 Panoramic 360º Spy Wifi

Ip Camera Security Lamp V360 Panoramic 360º Spy WifiProduct Code: EL-GA-902

  • 48,000LBP
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  • The new VR CAM camera is a panoramic equipment designed to provide optimal surveillance coverage for both homes and businesses.
  • The IP cameras are connected to the local network via cable or wireless over Wi-Fi. Access is done over the network by any computer, allowing you to view and record the images with perfect quality thanks to the digital video system. To monitor remotely, just have an internet connection at the installation site and a configured router.
  • Equipped with a 360 ° overview, the camera is perfect for monitoring large spaces such as sales floors, warehouses, office cubicles, small shops, buses, and other vulnerable areas such as showrooms, living rooms, master bedrooms , and much more.
  • This camera has the latest technology to monitor and care for your home or work.
  • Ideal for use at home monitor children, elderly, animals.
  • And also at work to monitor your office, employees vehicles.
  • System Extremely simple to install, just place in a common lamp nozzle;
  • It has the size and shape of a common, discreet LED bulb;
  • Connects to your wifi network and from there you can view and interact from anywhere in the world through your phone or tablet;
  • If someone enters the environment you will receive a message on your phone and can view / interact with the person;
  • Application for Android and IOS;
  • It has microphone to listen to the ambient sound and speaker so you can talk to people in the environment;
  • You can record or shoot at any time on your phone or tablet;
  • Using an SD card, the camera will record continuously
  • Because it has a 360 ° view, only one camera can cover a larger area than an ordinary camera, it can cover an area where approximately 4 cameras would be needed! You can rotate the image through the phone and control the zoom.
  • The installation is very simple, just thread it like a regular camera. (requires wifi network within reach)
  • Image can be viewed live on your SmartPhone (iPhone or Android) App icsee
  • It is possible to turn on the light remotely through the internet, talk to whoever is in the room (you hear everything that is being said where the camera is and it is also possible to talk on your smartphone and the sound comes out in the camera speaker)
  • Technical specifications:
  • - Panoramic 360-degree Ip camera,
  • - Megapixel 1280x960P high definition,
  • fisheye lens,
  • - with application for control and visualization by mobile phone with IOS or Android.
  • - Brightness control via cell phone,
  • - 2 audio tracks (can talk and listen through the lamp),
  • - Tilt and Zoom control, with TF card slot up to 128 GB of quality video storage.
  • - CMOS Sensor 1.1.3Megapixel 1280x960P
  • - camera with fisheye lens degree 3,185
  • - IEEE802.11b / g / n wireless
  • - HD 960P 1.3Megapixel
  • - P2P cloud through the mobile App
  • - Audio 2-way Intercom
  • - Night vision 8.ir- cut
  • - Pan / Tilt digital zoom
  • - Support SD Card Max 128GB
  • - Led Lighting 3w
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